How to Close an AU Small Finance Bank Fixed Deposit Account

Updated on: Sep 6th, 2023

Closing a Fixed Deposit (FD) before its maturity date can sometimes become a necessity due to unforeseen financial emergencies or other reasons. While FDs are considered as secure and long-term investment avenues, there might be circumstances where you'd need to withdraw your money earlier than planned.


In this blog, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of how you can break an FD in AU Small Finance Bank, both through online and offline methods.

How to Close an FD in AU Small Finance Bank

Online Method

For Non-AU Small Finance Bank Customers:

  • Open the AU 0101 App.
  • Navigate to the FD section and find your active FDs.
  • Select the FD you want to break and choose the 'premature withdrawal' option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

For AU Small Finance Bank Customers:

  • Log in to the AU 0101 App using your credentials.
  • Under the 'Products' section, locate your active FDs.
  • Choose the FD you intend to break and opt for 'premature withdrawal.'
  • Ensure you review any penalties and follow through with the process.

Offline Method

  • Visit your nearest AU Small Finance Bank branch.
  • Approach the service desk and express your desire to break your FD.
  • Fill in the required premature withdrawal form provided by the bank.
  • Submit the form and any other required documents to the bank official.
  • After verification, the bank will process your request and the FD amount (minus any penalties) will be credited to your linked account.


Are there any penalties for closing the FD in AU Small Finance Bank before maturity?

Yes, the bank imposes a penalty of 1% on the interest earned, regardless of the tenure of the investment.

Can I close the tax-saving FD prematurely?

No, the 5-Year Tax Saving FD does not allow premature withdrawal.

How long does it take to get the funds after closing the FD?

Typically, once the FD is closed, the funds (minus any penalties) are instantly credited to your linked account.

Will I earn interest if I close my FD before its maturity date?

Yes, you will earn interest, but it will be at a reduced rate due to the penalty imposed on premature withdrawal.

Can I close only a part of my FD amount?

No, you cannot close only a part of your FD. If you require such flexibility, consider using the sweep-in facility provided by AU Small Finance Bank.

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