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How to Close an DCB Bank Fixed Deposit Account

Updated on: Aug 31st, 2023

Breaking a fixed deposit (FD) before maturity can sometimes be necessary, driven by sudden financial needs or changing investment strategies. With DCB Bank, the process is designed to be user-friendly, but it's essential to be informed about the steps and implications.


This guide will elucidate how to break an FD with DCB Bank, ensuring you're well-equipped with the necessary information. We'll cover the channels through which you can initiate the process, any associated penalties, and what to expect. Navigate your financial decisions clearly and confidently as we walk you through the nuances.

Closing an FD in DCB Bank

Using Internet Banking

  • Sign in to the DCB Bank's online banking interface.
  • Navigate to the 'Fixed Deposit' section.
  • Click on the 'Premature Closure' choice.
  • Identify and select the FD you're looking to terminate.
  • Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to complete the early withdrawal.


Utilizing Mobile Banking

  • Launch the DCB Bank's mobile application.
  • Browse to the 'FD' segment.
  • Select the 'Premature Withdrawal' or a related feature.
  • Identify the FD you want to terminate and proceed.
  • Follow the steps indicated by the application to finish the process.


Visiting a Bank Branch

  • Head to your local DCB Bank outlet.
  • Discuss your intent to prematurely end the FD with a bank representative.
  • They'll present you with a form for early FD termination. Complete the required fields.
  • You might be asked to showcase the original FD documentation and a valid ID.
  • Post-validation, the bank will facilitate your request and transfer the funds (after deducting potential penalties) to your associated account.


Over the Phone

  • Dial the customer service line of DCB Bank.
  • Convey your desire to conclude the FD ahead of its maturity.
  • Heed the directions shared by the customer support representative, who'll either walk you through the procedure or inform you about the subsequent actions.


Can I close my FD online?

Yes, DCB Bank provides an option for premature withdrawal through their internet banking portal and mobile banking app.

Will I earn the same interest rate if I close my FD prematurely?

No, the interest payable on premature withdrawal is typically lower than the contracted rate and might be closer to the rate applicable for the period the deposit has remained with the bank.

Is there a minimum lock-in period for FDs in DCB Bank?

Some FDs, especially tax-saving deposits, come with a mandatory lock-in period. Always check the specifics of your FD plan.

Do I need to visit the branch for FD closure?

While you can break the FD online, in some cases or for certain account types, a branch visit might be necessary.

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