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How to Close IDFC Bank Fixed Deposit (FD) Online

Updated 08 Dec 2023

Securing funds in Fixed Deposits (FDs) offers the assurance of returns, but life's unpredictability may necessitate premature access to these funds. IDFC Bank, renowned for its customer-centric services, provides a streamlined process for those wishing to break their FDs.

Whether it's an unexpected expense, a lucrative investment opportunity, or any other pressing need, understanding the nuances of breaking an FD with IDFC Bank becomes crucial. This blog sheds light on the step-by-step procedure, offering insights to ensure you make informed decisions without unforeseen hitches. Navigate the financial waters with ease by diving into this comprehensive guide. Let's get started!

Breaking an FD in IDFC Bank

Online Banking

  • Access your IDFC Bank online banking account.
  • Navigate to the section titled 'Fixed Deposits'.
  • Search for an option like Premature Withdrawal'.
  • Pick the FD you're considering terminating early.
  • Review all details and proceed as guided to finish the withdrawal.


Via the Mobile App

  • Launch the IDFC Bank mobile application.
  • Head to the section dedicated to FDs.
  • Opt to end or pre-close the FD.
  • Identify and select the FD you want to break.
  • Adhere to the guidelines shown to wrap up the procedure.


Directly at the Bank

  • Drop by your local IDFC Bank outlet.
  • Discuss your intention to pre-close the FD with a bank representative.
  • They'll hand over a form for you to complete and return.
  • Be prepared to show the FD document or any other related identification.
  • The amount will be routed to your primary bank account linked with the FD upon processing.


Through Phone Assistance

  • Some banks, including IDFC, might allow for FD-related queries over a call. Dial the customer service of IDFC Bank to check if they provide assistance with FD pre-closure via this method.


Can I break my IDFC Bank FD online?

IDFC Bank lets you break your FD through its Internet banking portal and mobile app.

Is there a penalty for breaking the FD before its maturity?

Usually, banks have a certain penalty for premature withdrawals. It's advisable to check your FD's specific terms and conditions or contact the bank for precise details.

How soon will I get my funds after breaking the FD?

Once the request is processed, the funds are credited to your linked account immediately or within a few hours. However, confirming with the bank or checking their guidelines is good.

Can I break my FD at any IDFC Bank branch?

Yes, you can approach any IDFC Bank branch to break your FD. It is, however, advisable to visit the branch where you initially opened the FD, especially if it involves providing or verifying physical documents.


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