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Gold Rate Today in Kanpur
gold rate in Kanpur

24K Gold/ 10gm
22K Gold/ 10gm

Last updated on: 1st Jun 2023 01:40 PM

Known as the “Manchester of the East” and “Leather City of the World”, Kanpur is one of India’s top ten urban cities and the biggest in Uttar Pradesh. It is also a major educational hub. High per capita income, high population, and other factors (including cultural ones) have made Kanpur one of the country’s prominent gold ornament and trade hubs.
On many festive occasions (such as Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya, Diwali, etc.), many people in Kanpur buy gold coins, bars, biscuits, and ornaments because they consider them auspicious. People in Kanpur also invest in gold through alternatives to physical gold.
In the long run, you can invest in gold to take advantage of its investment value. Whenever there are economic uncertainties, investors view gold as a safe haven. To buy gold at the best price, keep track of the cost of 24-karat and 22-karat gold per gram in Kanpur.

Gold Rate Comparison - 22K vs 24K

How is the Purity of Gold Evaluated in Kanpur?
The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a government body, certifies the purity of gold in Kanpur. Their certification process of gold purity is called hallmarking. Every jewellery store in Kanpur can sell only hallmarked gold.
24-karat gold is the purest form of gold available. Its gold purity is 99.9%. Pure gold is soft, so it usually can’t be used to create intricate jewellery designs. That’s why certain other metals and alloys are mixed with pure gold to make them harder.
BIS has created specific benchmarks for hallmarked physical gold, depending upon the percentage of pure gold used. So, the next time you visit a jewellery store to buy gold ornaments or gold coins/bars/biscuits, you should check the BIS hallmark of gold purity. The three different purity levels or grades of gold are: - 22K 916 signifies 22-karat gold. The percentage of pure gold in it is 91.6%. - 18K 750 signifies 18-karat gold. The percentage of pure gold in it is 75%. - 14K 585 signifies 14-karat gold. The percentage of pure gold in it is 58.5%.
However, in 2021, an amendment in the Indian Standard on Gold Hallmarking I.S. 1417:2016 was introduced. They are 24-karat, 23-karat, and 20-karat gold purity grades.

Today's 22K & 24K Gold Rates Per Gram in Kanpur

1 gram
2.00 (0.03%)
-13.00 (-0.22%)
8 grams
16.00 (0.03%)
-104.00 (-0.22%)
10 grams
20.00 (0.03%)
-130.00 (-0.22%)
100 grams
200.00 (0.03%)
-1300.00 (-0.22%)
Things to Consider Before Buying Gold in Kanpur
When buying gold in Kanpur, there are four critical factors to consider.
BIS Mark or BIS Logo
Any gold jewellery hallmarked by the BIS will display the BIS logo, signifying that its purity has been confirmed in one of its authorised laboratories. The BIS is the only organisation in India that the government has authorised to hallmark gold items of any kind to help ensure their purity.
Gold’s Karat and Fineness
There are six categories, and these are as follows: - 24-karat - 23-karat - 22-karat - 20-karat - 18-karat - 14-karat
Jewellery with a fineness number and the BIS hallmark has been certified by BIS to be of the level of purity or fineness that is embossed on it. Inspect the gold you buy to ensure it is the desired karat and fineness.
Hallmarking or Assaying Centre’s Number or Mark
It is required by BIS that any laboratory inspecting gold jewellery to check its purity must place its logo on the piece. Only licensed laboratories can check gold purity. You can check if BIS licenses a hallmarking centre by visiting their website.
Kanpur Jewellery Store’s Identification Mark
Additionally, the jewellery store where you purchase your gold jewellery will mark it with its identification. This logo may belong to a jeweller or jewellery producer who has earned BIS certification. So, the next time you buy gold ornaments or coins/biscuits/bars from a jewellery shop in Kanpur, don't miss out on checking these factors.

Historical Gold Rate in Kanpur for Last 10 Days

10 grams
Day24K Gold22K Gold
01 Jun 2023
-130.00 (-0.22%)
-119.17 (-0.18%)
31 May 2023
20.00 (0.03%)
18.33 (0.03%)
30 May 2023
510.00 (0.85%)
467.52 (0.71%)
29 May 2023
60.00 (0.10%)
55.00 (0.08%)
26 May 2023
-90.00 (-0.15%)
-82.50 (-0.13%)
25 May 2023
-460.00 (-0.77%)
-421.68 (-0.65%)
24 May 2023
-260.00 (-0.43%)
-238.34 (-0.36%)
23 May 2023
-120.00 (-0.20%)
-110.00 (-0.17%)
22 May 2023
0.00 (0.00%)
0.00 (0.00%)
19 May 2023
640.00 (1.06%)
586.69 (0.89%)

How is the Purity of Gold Evaluated in Kanpur?

Gold is valuable only when it is pure. There are instances where customers are duped with impure gold. Hence, confirming the purity of gold is crucial.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a government authority that certifies the purity of gold. According to BIS, the following factors are to be kept in mind when buying gold.

  1. BIS Mark

    Jewellery hallmarked by BIS will have a BIS logo on it. Remember that since BIS is the only authorized laboratory in India for gold certification.

  2. Karat

    Karat is a scale to gauge gold's purity. While 24 karat gold is the purest, it is too soft for use. Hence, other metals are added and the gold available in the market is often 22 Karat.

  3. Jewellers Identification Mark

    The gold you buy should also carry an identification mark by an authorized jeweller. This helps ensure the gold is from a credible source. The mark can also be helpful in the case of disputes.

Impact of GST on Gold Rate in Kanpur
Implementing GST has increased the gold rate in Kanpur by around 0.75% compared to the pre-GST era (which included VAT and customs duty).
If you bought physical gold in the pre-GST regime, you had to pay the following: - 1.2% VAT (Value Added Tax) - 1% customs duty - 10% gold import duty
When you calculate and value it together, the total taxes and duties paid by a buyer would be pegged at around 12.2%.
In the new GST regime, this is what the gold rate will include: - 3% GST - 12.5% import duty - 2.5% Agriculture Infrastructure and Development Cess (AIDC) - Social Welfare Surcharge - 10% of Customs Duty
With the implementation of GST, the gold rate has increased. This means you have to pay extra for gold when you buy it now.
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