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Gold Rate Today in Solapur
gold rate in Solapur

24K Gold/ 10gm
22K Gold/ 10gm

Last updated on: 1st Jun 2023 09:40 AM

Solapur is a crucial gold trading hub, and its exact location is in the southwestern part of Maharashtra. The city has a long tradition of goldsmiths and jewellers. Even today, one can find many skilled artisans in the town who have the craftsmanship to create fine gold jewellery. The city is also home to many large gold shops and jewellers.

However, fluctuating gold rates are primarily due to government policies, inflation, international gold markets and currency conversion rates.

We also know how the international gold rate determines the prices of gold in Solapur. The gold rate in Solapur is usually slightly higher than the gold rate in other parts of India. In India, gold is considered a symbol of wealth and status and is highly sought after. The rates of gold in Solapur are always on the radar of people looking to invest in the yellow metal. The city has a relatively stable gold market, and the prices have gradually increased over the past few years.

Gold Rate Comparison - 22K vs 24K


How Does GST Impact Gold Rates in Solapur?

Since implementing the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Gold prices in Solapur have been higher. Before GST, buyers would pay a 10.0% import duty, 1.0% customs duty, and 1.2% value-added tax (VAT) on the price of gold.

Introduced in 2017, the GST rate in India has impacted gold rates across the country. Remember, the GST value on the gold rate is pegged at 3% and making charges on gold jewellery is at 5%. Keep in mind that the total import duty (excluding GST) is, therefore, around 15% (12.5 +2.5), alongside a minimal Social Welfare Surcharge of 10% of Custom Duty (not the gold price).

Today's 22K & 24K Gold Rates Per Gram in Solapur

1 gram
-3.00 (-0.05%)
-31.00 (-0.52%)
8 grams
-24.00 (-0.05%)
-248.00 (-0.52%)
10 grams
-30.00 (-0.05%)
-310.00 (-0.52%)
100 grams
-300.00 (-0.05%)
-3100.00 (-0.52%)

Investment Options for Gold in Solapur

There are several options if you want to invest in gold in Solapur. You can buy gold jewellery, coins, or bars. You can also invest in gold ETFs or mutual funds.

Each of these investment options has its advantages and disadvantages. It would be best if you chose the option that best suits your needs and objectives.

Here are some of the most popular investment options for gold in Solapur:

1. Gold Jewellery

One of the most popular ways to invest in gold is to buy jewellery. This is because gold jewellery has aesthetic value and investment value.

2. Coins

You can also invest in gold coins. Gold coins are available in different weights and purities. You can buy coins from banks, jewellers, or online.

3. Gold ETFs

A Gold ETF is an exchange-traded fund which tracks domestic physical gold prices and invests in gold bullion.

Consider Gold ETFs as units representing physical gold in paper or a dematerialised form. One Gold ETF unit is equal to 1 gram of gold and is backed by very high-purity physical gold. Gold ETFs combine the flexibility of stock investment and the simplicity of gold investments.

4. Gold mutual funds

Gold mutual funds buy ETFs. These mutual funds profit on the underlying asset's performance. Gold ETF NAV affects gold mutual fund results.

5. Gold bars

You can also invest in gold bars. Gold bars are available in different weights and purities.

Historical Gold Rate in Solapur for Last 10 Days

10 grams
Day24K Gold22K Gold
01 Jun 2023
-310.00 (-0.52%)
-284.18 (-0.44%)
31 May 2023
-30.00 (-0.05%)
-27.50 (-0.04%)
30 May 2023
500.00 (0.83%)
458.35 (0.70%)
29 May 2023
70.00 (0.12%)
64.17 (0.10%)
26 May 2023
-90.00 (-0.15%)
-82.50 (-0.13%)
25 May 2023
-460.00 (-0.77%)
-421.68 (-0.65%)
24 May 2023
-270.00 (-0.45%)
-247.51 (-0.38%)
23 May 2023
-80.00 (-0.13%)
-73.34 (-0.11%)
22 May 2023
-90.00 (-0.15%)
-82.50 (-0.13%)
19 May 2023
690.00 (1.14%)
632.52 (0.96%)

Understanding 916 Hallmarked Gold Prices in Solapur

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is the authority that certifies the purity of gold in India. 916 Hallmark is a purity certification for gold in India. The 916 Hallmark is also known as 22K gold. 916 gold is 91.6% pure and is the most popular purity for gold jewellery in India. The 916 Hallmark is a guarantee of purity and quality. To spot a certified gold, look for the logo, the year of minting, and the mention of 916 at the end. So, if you want gold jewellery in Solapur, make sure it is 916 Hallmarked.

What Factors Affect the Price of Gold in Solapur?

Several factors affect the price of gold in Solapur. These include:

1. International Gold Rates

2. Supply and Demand

3. Global economic conditions

4. Local demand and supply dynamics

5. US Dollar Exchange Rate

6. Inflation

7. Government policies

8. Jewelry making charges

Finally, the gold rates in Solapur are affected by the rates in other cities. If the rates in other cities are higher or there is a spike in demand, gold prices in Solapur will also increase.

What colour is pure gold?

Which gold is best, 24K or 916?


The best gold for crafting jewellery is 916 Hallmarked because it is quite sturdy. However, 24K gold is of the highest purity but unsuitable for jewellery.

Which gold is more expensive?


What are the different types of gold sold in Solapur?


What is the most popular type of gold jewellery in Solapur?


You can find pure gold in different colours, such as yellow, white, and rose. However, the most popular colour for pure gold is reddish yellow.


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