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Gold Rate Today in Punjab
gold rate in Punjab

24K Gold/ 10gm
22K Gold/ 10gm

Last updated on: 26th May 2023 05:40 PM

Punjab is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and diverse geography, which includes the Himalayan foothills, the Indo-Gangetic Plain, and the Shivalik Range. Punjab state is known for its thriving gold market. The gold rates in Punjab depend on various factors, such as the current market rate, purity, and the city's demand for gold. Before you start investing in gold in Punjab, you must know more about these factors.

Gold Rate Comparison - 22K vs 24K


How is the Purity of Gold Evaluated in Punjab?

Several different methods and standards evaluate the purity of gold. The most commonly used methods are: -

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) - BIS is an Indian governmental body that sets a very high standard for gold purity and is accepted in many countries worldwide. 

Karat - The Karat system defines gold purity in 24 parts, with 24 karats being pure gold and any lower number being a lower purity. 

JIM (Jeweller Identification Mark) - Jeweller's identification marks are usually stamped or engraved on the inside of the piece, although some symbols may be visible from the outside. Identification marks can indicate the purity or karat weight of the metal, the jeweller's name, or other vital details. 

Today's 22K & 24K Gold Rates Per Gram in Punjab

1 gram
-45.00 (-0.75%)
-10.00 (-0.17%)
8 grams
-360.00 (-0.75%)
-80.00 (-0.17%)
10 grams
-450.00 (-0.75%)
-100.00 (-0.17%)
100 grams
-4500.00 (-0.75%)
-1000.00 (-0.17%)

Investment Options for Gold in Punjab

Physical Gold

Gold has long been a popular choice for many investors, traditionally taking the form of physical gold coins, jewellery, and ornaments. 

Paper Gold

There are many other options available in India, allowing investors to benefit from gold without the inconvenience of purchasing it from a store in physical form. 

Gold Exchange Traded Funds - Investors can gain exposure to gold prices through Gold ETFs, which represent a paper representation of physical gold. This provides an alternative to the direct purchase of gold, allowing investors to own a proportional interest in a collective vault instead of the physical product.

Gold Mutual Funds - Investors no longer need to worry about the hassle of purchasing and storing physical gold with an investment made in Gold Mutual Funds. Instead of investing in gold, these funds allow investors to invest money in gold mining companies.

Digital Gold - This form of investing functions similarly to a digital payment option, allowing investors to buy or sell gold through various fintech platforms.

Sovereign Gold Bonds - Investors can now invest in gold through the Reserve Bank of India's Sovereign Gold Bonds. These bonds are traded as gold securities, allowing buyers to purchase them digitally, physically, or dematerialized.

Historical Gold Rate in Punjab for Last 10 Days

10 grams
Day24K Gold22K Gold
26 May 2023
-100.00 (-0.17%)
-91.67 (-0.14%)
25 May 2023
-450.00 (-0.75%)
-412.51 (-0.63%)
24 May 2023
-270.00 (-0.45%)
-247.51 (-0.38%)
23 May 2023
-80.00 (-0.13%)
-73.34 (-0.11%)
22 May 2023
-90.00 (-0.15%)
-82.50 (-0.13%)
19 May 2023
690.00 (1.14%)
632.52 (0.96%)
18 May 2023
-890.00 (-1.49%)
-815.86 (-1.25%)
17 May 2023
300.00 (0.49%)
275.01 (0.42%)
16 May 2023
-770.00 (-1.27%)
-705.86 (-1.07%)
15 May 2023
200.00 (0.33%)
183.34 (0.27%)

Interesting Facts About Gold

Gold is a precious metal that has been valued for centuries for its beauty and monetary value. It has many uses, from jewellery and coins to electronics and medicine. Here are some interesting facts about gold:

  • Gold is the only metal that is yellow or "golden." Other metals may develop a yellowish hue over time, but pure gold is naturally yellow.
  • Gold is the most malleable and ductile of all metals. 
  • Gold has been used as a currency throughout human history.
  • Gold is found in nature in its elemental form and combined with other elements. 

Impact of GST on Gold Rate in Punjab

The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has had an undeniable impact on every industry across our nation. One of the most significant impacts has been on the gold market, where prices have risen by 0.75 per cent since the introduction of GST. This is due to the new GST tax structure of 3%, which has been added to the existing cost of gold. 

This has caused gold prices to increase across the nation, impacting not only individuals but also businesses and organisations that depend on gold to operate. It is important to note that the increased cost of gold due to GST is a cause for concern for all stakeholders within the gold industry, and it is vital that strategies are developed to mitigate the financial burden this may impose.

Factors that Impact Gold Rates in Punjab

A variety of factors determine the price of gold. The market forces influencing gold rates include supply and demand, inflation, currency exchange, and interest rates. Economic conditions such as GDP growth, employment figures, and consumer sentiment can all impact the price of gold. 

Political developments such as changes in government, new regulations, or geopolitical tension can also affect gold rates. Additionally, factors such as supply and demand for gold, discoveries of gold, and global production of gold can affect the price of gold. All of these factors work together to determine gold rates. 

Difference between 24K and 22K Gold

The main difference between 24K and 22K gold is the amount of gold present in each item. 24K gold is the purest form of gold, containing 99.9% pure gold, while 22K gold is 91.6% gold, with the remainder being other metals such as copper, zinc, and silver. 

24K gold is typically very soft and malleable and is not ideal for jewellery due to its lack of durability. 22K gold is more suitable for jewellery as it is more durable. However, due to its lower gold content, it is not as valuable as 24K gold.

FAQs of Gold Rate in Punjab

How much does it cost to get a gold article hallmarked?


The hallmarking charges applicable to each article are Rs. 35/-. To facilitate the hallmarking process, a minimum charge of Rs. 200/- shall apply to each consignment. Kindly note that Services Tax and other applicable levies shall be charged extra.

Do hallmark charges include making charges?


Is it necessary to have a hallmark on the jewellery pieces in pairs and on all detachable parts?


Are the hallmarking charges dependent on the weight of the jewellery?


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