Is it Safe to Invest via Wint Wealth?

Wint Wealth started off with an idea. An idea to build a product that was not just rewarding to investors in terms of the returns it gave, but also a gateway for transparent investing and access to certain asset classes that they did not have before.

As a brand we believe that our investors must know each and every detail about the product, the industry it operates in and every minute detail that comes with it. And with that comes a responsibility to educate our customers and answer every question they might have regarding the investment platform.

Is it Safe to Invest via Wint Wealth?



1. Is my Personal Data Safe on Wint Wealth?

Also, investor data is saved in the most secured server in the world, AWS.

2. Is my Money Safe on Wint Wealth?

Wint Wealth is an investment platform which acts as a link between the NBFC (an example) and investor. The money is transferred to the NBFC for the bonds it issues to its investors and the investor is allocated units for the same.

Depending on the interest payout tenures, Wint Wealth transfers the interest amount to its investors on their registered bank accounts.

3. Is Wint Wealth’s Product Safe?

These products are fixed income in nature and are offered at 9–11% p.a. As mentioned earlier, since these are covered bonds, they are bankruptcy protected and investors will attain their interest through an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), which is managed by a trustee.

Before, covered bonds had a minimum subscription value of 1 crore. Today, investors can invest in an asset class as such, with a minimum of Rs. 10,000.

However, investors must know that investing in such an instrument has its own share of credit, fraud and liquidity risks.

Bottom Line

If you want to know more, you can reach out to our team! We’re always happy to help.


Happy Winting!

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