Guide for Saugor Commercial Real Estate Investment

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Guide for Saugor Commercial Real Estate Investment

Saugor, also known as Sagar, located in Madhya Pradesh is an economically viable city. The entire economy of the place is dependent on agriculture which results in the establishment of a plethora of small and medium-sized industries. Moreover, the industry-friendly policies and vast stretch of mineral resources make this city favourable for commercial real estate investments.

Under Smart Cities Mission, Sagar is selected among the hundred cities in India that will be turned into a smart city. In addition, it is declared to be one of the topmost safest cities in the country. All these attributes make the city an ideal destination for investors to utilise all the resources and make money.

The sections below are the run-down of the particularities of commercial real estate investments in Saugor!

Reasons to Invest in Saugor Real Estate

Listed below are the notable reasons why you must consider making a commercial real estate investment in Saugor.

  • Robust Rail and Road Connectivity

Saugor, Madhya Pradesh extends a streamlined transportation system to the residents which helps one carry out commercial trade and businesses seamlessly and carry out their business pursuits in a different part of this city.  You can access three railway stations in the Sagar district, of which the primary station is the Sagar railway station which is nestled amidst Bina and Katni railway stations. Even the city is well connected by telecommunication lines. 

  • Business and Industrial Advancement

The rapid industrial development in Saugor contributes to the thriving economy which further extends diverse employment opportunities to the residents. The economy of the city is highly dependent on agriculture. Multiple districts in this city rely on agriculture-based earnings. The strong agricultural base has enhanced the resident’s standard of living. Even animal husbandry, fisheries, poultry farming etc., are common in Saugor. Further, this city is a notable site of useful minerals. 

  • Trade and Infrastructural Development

The medium and small-scale industries in Saugor are based on strawboard, refined oil, vegetable oil and single super phosphate fertiliser. Around investment of ₹15 crore is made in these industries which not only assure improved production but also increases employment opportunities. 

Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Saugor

Here are the different locations in Saugor where you can choose to make commercial real estate investments and make the most out of it:

  • Dharmshree

Dharmshree is one such area in Saugor which is favourable for real estate investments. The place holds all the resources that will aid the growth of small-sized industries or factories. Even the place is well connected via roads which will make transportation of goods convenient. 

  • Civil Lines

Civil Lines is a popular locality in Saugor, Madhya Pradesh which will bestow you notable facilities for materialising your commercial real estate investment plan. The easy accessibility of the amenities will enable you to set up an office. The excellent location makes the locality favourable for setting up brand outlets, finance companies etc. 

  • Dhana

Dhana is also a great place for laying out industrial set-up, especially agro-based. Besides proper road and railway networks, the region houses all the civic amenities that contribute towards the development of industries. For instance, there is robust water and electric supply in the areas near agricultural lands. Even excellent facilities are there for the smooth transportation of heavy vehicles like tractors. Even the place is a tourist spot. 

  • Lahdara

Lahdara, a small hamlet in Saugor, Madhya Pradesh is another site ideal for commercial real estate investments. The place is well-connected by road and railway. The nearby railheads here are Saugor Railway Station, Ratona Railway Station etc., which makes commutation easy, 

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Commercial Property in Saugor

Here are the following parameters that you must weigh in before investing in commercial real estate in Saugor:

  • RERA Authentication

The implementation of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development Act) compels every builder to submit all information and documents of all the ongoing properties. It has brought transparency and accountability to the real estate sector. Hence, before you finalise in commercial real estate, check for registration from Madhya Pradesh’s official RERA portal. It will help you fetch relevant details related to the property and resolve disputes that might arise during property transactions.

  • Facilities and Amenities

Besides assessing property location, you also must consider the city’s infrastructure and available amenities. A site with multiple facilities and amenities will help you fetch good returns. You must check whether the place has basic and civic amenities (like retail facilities, car parking, uninterrupted power and water supply etc.) that will make commercial real estate investments seamless. In addition, look at whether the city is offering advanced security systems. 

  • Location of the Property

One of the primary criteria that must be assessed while investing in commercial real estate in Saugor is the location of the property. Property location influences the long-term returns that you will earn from the invested commercial property. It is always wise to invest in a locality which extends faster appreciation and gives you chances to have higher rental income.

Stamp Duty in Saugor

Go through the stamp duty rates that you have to bear while investing in a commercial property in Saugor.

Property OwnerStamp Duty Rates
Male +  Female7.5%
Male + Male7.5%
Female + Female7.5%

Registration Charge in Saugor

Refer to the table to get an idea regarding the registration charges that you have to pay after investing in a commercial property in Saugor

Property OwnerRegistration Charges
Male +  Female3%
Male + Male3%
Female + Female3%

Saugor Commercial Real Estate Sector- What’s the Forecast?

The State and the Central Government of Madhya Pradesh are implementing multiple initiatives to boost the overall infrastructural development of Saugor and make the state an industrial centre as a whole and promote the areas as potential investment sites.

All the sectors from the road, railway connectivity, industrial setup, water and electric supply are going to improve, making the place a lucrative destination for commercial real estate investments. For instance, the Hindustan Power Development Corporation aims to establish a thermal power station and ensure a robust electric supply all around the district.

In addition, the setup of an oil refinery (with a capacity of 6 million metric tons) in the Agasod village by the Bharat Petroleum Corporation is another initiative that will make the life of residents and investors convenient in the coming days. About 7 thousand crores are invested in this project.  Even prompt initiatives are taken to develop a strong and secure telecom and power network all over the city. 

Commercial Real Estate Vs Other Asset Classes

You will get an insight into the comparison between commercial real estate and varied asset classes. 

  • Commercial Real Estate Vs Stocks and Mutual Fund

Though the returns earned from mutual funds and stocks are comparatively higher than that of commercial real estate investments, one cannot overlook the risks associated with the investment option. However, considering the safety of the invested amount, commercial real estate is a safe investment option and can also be channelized for personal usage. 

  • Commercial Real Estate Vs Bonds

Bonds and commercial real estate are great investment strategies that enable you to have a passive income. While bonds allow you to enjoy a predictable return and are relatively safer, commercial real estate investments will extend higher rates of returns and the value of real estate increases via appreciation.

If you are interested in investing in bonds and earning a fixed return, you can explore our website for top-rated bonds and register for the same!

  • Commercial Real Estate vs Residential Real Estate

Commercial real estate investments will help you earn higher returns than residential real estate investments. Also, commercial properties extend comparatively stable and long-term rentals alongside predictable income sources. Though residential real estate investments come with an easier leasing process, it requires higher maintenance and gives out low rental yields. 

  • Commercial Real Estate vs Gold

Gold is suitable for both short and long-spanned investments. In addition, it is very easy to liquidate gold. However, with commercial real estate, you can earn more returns without undergoing any risks. In addition, the real estate value will tend to appreciate as time passes. Rental income is another reason why investing in commercial real estate proves worthwhile. 

Refer to the tabular representation of the comparison between different asset classes based on their returns, risks, liquidity, volatility and ticket size. 

Parameters Commercial Real Estate GoldStocks & Mutual Funds BondsResidential Real Estate 
Ticket SizeHighLowVariesVariesHigh 

Steps to Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Saugor

Given below are the steps that will guide you to make a commercial real estate investment in Saugor

Step 1: Evaluate your finances and set a budget. Now shortlist some of the commercial property sites that cater to your requirements and budget. 

Step 2: Conduct online research and field visits to understand the market standards and future prospects. In this regard, you can seek the assistance of a real estate consultant. 

Step 3: Finalise a commercial space only after ensuring it is RERA registered.

Step 4: Clear stamp duty payment and registration charges. Also, pay service charges to real estate consultants or brokers if any.

Lastly, opt for an insurance plan to insure your newly-obtained commercial properties. 

Final Word

Saugor is a one-stop destination ideal for commercial real estate investment. The city has a flourishing industrial area and a robust agrarian economy. With the already existing industries and the proposed ones, the economy of the city is going to flourish at a fast pace. In addition, Khajuraho tourism, the availability of useful minerals etc., contributes to the development of commercial properties. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of commercial properties in Saugor where I can invest?

You can invest in different commercial properties in Saugor like retail spaces, offices, shops, warehouses, manufacturing units, laboratories etc.

What are the documents that are needed during property registration in Saugor, MP?

Here are the documents that must be kept in order during property registration in Saugor:

Proof of identity (Aadhaar card, voter ID card, PAN card etc)
Proof of residence
Duly filled Form-60
Payment receipt of stamp duty and registration charges etc.

What airport is near Saugor?

The nearest domestic airport to Saugor is Dumna Airport and the second nearest is the Raja Bhoj Airport.

Which National Highways pass through Saugor?

Sagour is located at the centre, amidst two national highways. National Highway 26 connects the city with Jhansi.

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