Guide for Bulandshahr Residential Real Estate Investment

Bulandshahr is a prosperous district in Uttar Pradesh, notable for its cultural heritage and great location between the Ganges and the Yamuna. The city is also famous for its archaeological excellence. In addition, Bulandshahris an important hub for agricultural production. Fruit cultivation and dairy farming are also very prosperous in this region.

Talking about its industrial relevance, Bulandshahr is a growing hub of the national and international market of pottery and local art and craft-based industry. Apart from this, several other industries are also booming in this region.

Considering the importance of the city, it can be a great place to reside. Besides, it is also connected to the major surrounding areas, so people can easily commute without any hassle. Thus, if you want to invest in residential real estate in any prosperous place, Bulandshahr can be a great option.

Top Reasons to Invest in Residential Real Estate in Bulandshahr

The reasons why you should invest in residential real estate in Bulandshahr are as follows:

  • Tourism

With historical importance, Bulandshahr is a significant inclusion in Uttar Pradesh tourism. The area has several temples and archaeological ruins as popular visiting sites. The best time to come to Bulandshahr is from November to April. Thus, to maintain this famous tourism center, state and local governments have taken significant steps to upgrade the local infrastructure. 

Tourism-based businesses are also quite prosperous here. So, people can definitely enjoy a bunch of facilities by investing in residential real estate here.

  • Industrial Opportunities

Bulandshahr also shares a significant deal in industrial opportunities. This area is notable for art and craft-based industries made by talented local artists. Khurja is a famous place in Bulandshahr for potteries which has national and international importance. Apart from this, there are several other industries such as tiles, cement, paints, etc. There are also some big sugar and chemical mills. 

Most importantly, the Chola region of Bulandshahr has a polio vaccine manufacturing company with Russian collaboration. So, people who want to explore these industries can undoubtedly come to Bulandshahrand live here. The industrial prosperity has also made this place worthy of residential real estate investment.

  • Agriculture

Bulandshahr is an agrarian place in Uttar Pradesh and an important epicenter of major crop production. Not only grains, but this region also grows a significant amount of different kinds of fruits. Wheat, maize, potato, etc grow in abundance in Bulandshahr which shares a great deal in the agricultural profit of the state. 

Besides, the area also has a considerable amount of dairy farming and it is attributed to the white revolution in this place. So, agricultural opportunities have made this place worth living in.

Residential Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Bulandshahr

Some popular locations where you can invest in Bulandshahr are as follows:

  • Khurja

Khurja is a famous place in Bulandshahr and is a popular hub for local industries. In addition, the place has a great scope for education. Some famous educational institutions in this area are Vaidya Yagya Dutt Sharma Ayurvaid ik Mahavidyalaya, Seth GangasagarJatia Polytechnic, NREC College, AKP (PG) College, etc. Property rent and price is also quite affordable in this place.

  • Sheetal Ganj

Sheetal ganj in Bulandshahr is also a very popular place for residential real estate investment. The area is not that much crowded yet full of modern amenities.Indira Gandhi International Airport is just 64.05 km from Sheetal Ganj which is also very beneficial for commuters. In addition, the area has a very well-connected road network so, altogether this place can be a great option for residential real estate investment.

  • Boor Nagar

Boor Nagar in Bulandshahr is also a growing hub for residential real estate investment because of many opportunities. This place is also noteworthy for educational opportunities as there are multiple schools and colleges in this region and are accessible through easy transportation. Besides, this area also has great infrastructure for local factories and businesses.

Things to Consider before Purchasing a Residential Property in Bulandshahr

You should consider some points before you proceed to buy a residential property in Bulandshahr. These are as follows:

  • Locality

When you are going to buy a property in Bulandshahr you should check the locality first.By analyzing the locality you can get an accurate picture of the life of people living there. So, you can assume what amenities you are going to get in the particular area or how you can deal with any sort of local issues.

  • Carpet Area

While buying a residential property, get a clear idea about the carpet area of the property. It is important to avoid further misunderstanding regarding the total area of a property and how much you need to pay. Thankfully you can get all this technical information from the official government site and proceed accordingly.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity is an important point when you buy a property at any location. You should check how well-connected that area is with major parts of the city via railways and roadways. Besides, you should also check the airport availability and frequency of local transport beforehand for your easy life.

  • RERA Verification

RERA in India was introduced in 2016 to manage the real estate sector properly and enhance its productivity. Hence, you can also get important information from the RERA site and check the registered real estate agent list, their upcoming projects, etc. Thus, before you buy a property in Bulandshahr, you should check the state’s RERA site and get every information for a smooth property-buying process.

Stamp Duty in Bulandshahr

The stamp duty charges in Bulandshahr are as follows.

CategoriesStamp Duty 
Man + Woman6.5%
Woman + Woman6%
Man + Man7%

Registration Charges in Bulandshahr

The registration charges in Bulandshar are as follows.

CategoriesRegistration Charges
Man + Woman1%
Woman + Woman1%
Man + Man1%

Bulandshahr Residential Real Estate Sector: What’s the Forecast?

Bulandshahr, being a growing residential location in Uttar Pradesh, is going to witness several beneficial project execution that will make the life of the people easier.The state government has declared the construction of 10 roads that will connect 150 villages and enhance the transportation system. Besides, a land acquisition process has also been done for the Ganga expressway in Bulandshahr.

As a progressive step, there is an upcoming project of setting up a dairy research center in Bulandshahr which is going to cater to the needs of local dairy farming and agriculture-based people and also open opportunities for the people who are enthusiastic in this field. In addition, a thermal power plant establishment is going to be executed in Khurja which will also be beneficial for the whole state.

Apart from these, several new housing projects will start in Bulandshahr with very affordable price ranges. Thus, considering the overall progression of this area, you can opt for purchasing a real estate property here and enjoy multiple benefits and an upgraded style of living.

Residential Real Estate vs Other Asset Classes

Take a glance at some must-know differences between residential real estate and other asset classes.

  • Commercial Real Estate vs Residential Real Estate 

Considering the ROI, commercial real estate is more profitable than residential real estate. However, there will be no tax benefits in commercial real estate that you can get in residential real estate. In addition, you need to pay a higher maintenance cost for commercial real estate than the residential one. Besides, finding tenants is a bit difficult for commercial real estate.

  • Gold vs Residential Real Estate 

Investing in gold can also give you a high return however, there are some other factors to consider. You will be affected by the market volatility. However, in the case of residential real estate, there is no such scenario and it will give you a stable profit.

  • Bonds vs Residential Real Estate 

Residential real estate and bonds both can give you a stable income down the line. Bonds are perfect for a predictable income. They are not that much affected by the volatility of the market. Residential real estate is also notable for an assured high profit irrespective of the condition of the market when invested for a long time.

  • Stocks and Mutual Funds vs Residential Real Estate 

Stocks and mutual funds can give you a high ROI without any doubt. However, the market is extremely volatile thus, the profit is unpredictable and unstable. So, to avoid the fluctuating graph of the share market you can opt for stable profit by investing in residential real estate instead.

The comparison among asset classes is displayed in a tabular form as follows.

ParametersResidential Real EstateStocks & Mutual FundsGoldCommercial Real EstateBonds
LiquidityLow High High Low Moderate 
RiskLow High Low Low Moderate 
VolatilityLow High LowLow Low 
Ticket SizeHigh Varies LowHighVaries

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Steps to Invest in Residential Real Estate in Bulandshahr

Check out the easy steps to invest in real estate in Bulandshahr.

Step 1: Fix a budget for investing in residential real estate, which you can afford easily.

Step 2: Select a few locations and compare them to find the suitable one.

Step 3: Conduct a thorough research on the decided place and check the amenities and availabilities. 

Step 4: Check RERA authenticity of a property to get precise information about the plot.

Step 5: Purchase the property by taking help from a real estate consultant or broker.

Step 6: Prepare an insurance plan for your purchased property.

Final Words

Hope you have got a clear idea of the residential real estate investment in Bulandshahr. The area is quite lucrative offerring standard living facilities for the overall betterment of one’s lifestyle. Hence, you may invest in residential real estate property in Bulandshahar, to earn stable long-term profits. However, you should check the RERA authenticity of the property first and opt for proper consultation for a smooth investment experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the population density of Bulandshahr?

As per the 2011 census, the population density of Bulandshahr is 788 people per square kilometre, or 2040 people per square mile.

Which national highway runs through the northern side of Bulandshahr?

National highway 334DD runs on the north end of Bulandshahr which connects it with other parts of the state.

What is the nearest airport in Bulandshahr?

Indira Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi is the nearest airport to Bulandshahr which is just 95 km away.

What is the main feature of Bulandshahr?

The main feature of Bulandshahr is its international fame for pottery. In addition, there are several religious places so pilgrims from different parts of the country come to visit these places.

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