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Senior Citizens Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in Bank of Baroda

Updated on: Sep 4th, 2023

After retirement, every penny is important and should be invested wisely. In the golden years, individuals search for those investment avenues that bring them the most returns with minimum risk. Bank of Baroda offers customised features to their senior investors with the best services available. With lucrative interest rates, the Bank of Baroda offers the best FD options.


Let’s read to know more about the Senior Citizen FDs offered by the bank.

Interest Rates of Senior Citizen FD in Federal Bank

Bank of Baroda FD rates on Senior Citizen FDs of less than Rs. 2 Crore (with premature withdrawal facility)


Senior Citizens

7 days to 14 days


15 days to 45 days


46 days to 90 days


91 days to 180 days


181 days to 210 days


211 days to 270 days


271 days & above and less than 1 year


1 year


Above 1 year to 400 days


Above 400 days and up to 2 years


Above 2 years and up to 3 years


Above 3 years and up to 5 years


Above 5 years and up to 10 years


399 days (Baroda Tiranga Plus Deposit Scheme)



  • *Additional Interest Rate: +0.15%
  • **Additional interest rate: +0.50%

Documents Required

The documents required to open a senior citizen FD account in Bank of Baroda, you need to submit the similar documents with that to general FD. The only additional document is Proof of age.



Be 60 years or above on the day of application.
Be 80 years or above for opening a super senior citizen FD account.


Is TDS applicable on the interest earned from Senior Citizen FD?

Yes, a 10% TDS is applicable if the total interest earned exceeds the limit of ₹  50,000 for resident senior citizens. However, if your total income is below the taxable limit, you can submit Form 15G or Form 15H (For senior citizens) to the bank and request them not to deduct any TDS.

Is there a specific tenure for senior citizen FDs at the Bank of Baroda?

Bank of Baroda offers a range of tenures for FDs. However, the special interest rate for senior citizens is applicable across various tenures.

Can I open a joint FD account with a senior citizen rate?

Yes, but typically, the primary account holder must be a senior citizen to avail of the special rates.

Earn once in a decade
returns on FD

Lock in returns as high as
8.35% before they go down

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