Edelweiss Financial Services Limited

Edelweiss Financial Services Limited

Previously known as Edelweiss Capital Limited, Edelweiss Financial Services Limited (“EFSL”) was incorporated in 1995 by Mr. Rashesh Shah and Mr. Venkat Ramaswamy. Edelweiss Capital Limited started operations as an investment banking firm after receipt of a Category II license from SEBI. Edelweiss Capital Limited subsequently received a Category I Merchant Banker license from SEBI with effect from October 16, 2000. The name of Edelweiss Capital Limited was changed to ‘Edelweiss Financial Services Limited’ with effect from August 1, 2011. EFSL is the parent company of the Edelweiss Group. EFSL is promoted by Mr. Rashesh Shah and Mr. Venkatchalam Ramaswamy holds 15.44% and 6.16% of equity respectively.


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NameIssue SizeMaturityCoupon
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedCRISIL AA-INE532F07CK5650.00Cr05 Oct 202311.00 %
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedCRISIL AA-INE532F07CL373.70Cr28 Dec 20238.75 %
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedCRISIL AA-INE532F07CM111.94Cr28 Dec 2023-
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedCRISIL A+INE532F07DI723.85Cr20 Jan 203310.45 %
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedCRISIL A+INE532F07DY4400.00Cr27 Apr 203310.45 %
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedCRISIL A+INE532F07DZ1300.00Cr21 Jul 203310.45 %
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedCRISIL A+INE532F07EK1200.00Cr26 Oct 203310.45 %
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedCRISIL A+INE532F07FC59.10Cr29 Jan 203410.45 %
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedCRISIL A+INE532F07EM7200.00Cr26 Oct 202810.10 %
Edelweiss Financial Services LimitedCRISIL A+INE532F07DJ536.73Cr20 Jan 202810.10 %
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History & Promoter

The company on a standalone basis is primarily engaged in investment banking services and provides development, managerial and financial support to the businesses of the Edelweiss group entities. The Edelweiss Group offers a range of products and services, spanning varied asset classes and diversified consumer segments. The businesses of Edelweiss are organised around 8 broad lines –housing finance, NBFC, Wealth management & Mutual Funds, Alternatives, Life and General insurance and Asset Reconstruction.

Over the years, the Edelweiss group has established a presence across major verticals in financial services business-like asset management, insurance, asset reconstruction and wealth management. The group comprises 28 subsidiaries as of March 31, 2023. The total income of the company was ₹ 8,632.59 crs for the year March 31, 2023, and ₹ 7,212.59 crs for the year March 31, 2022, on a consolidated basis. The company earned profit of ₹ 405.56 crs for the year ended March 31, 2023, and ₹ 212.07 crs for the year ended March 31, 2022, on a consolidated basis. he holding of Edelweiss group is described in the chart below:

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 6.04.51 PM.png

Current Management of Edelweiss Financial Services

Particulars Name
Managing DirectorMr Rashesh Shah
Compliance OfficerMr Tarun Khurana
Chief Financial OfficerMs Ananya Suneja

Board Constitution of Edelweiss Financial Services Limited

(As per latest available annual report & prospectus)

S. NoNameDesignationEducation
1.Mr Rashesh ShahChairman & MDMBA from IIM Ahmedabad.
2.Mr Venkatchalam RamaswamyVice Chairman & Executive Director

MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, USA



3.Mr Himanshu KajiExecutive Director

Chartered Accountant


4.Ms. Vidya ShahNon-Executive & Non-Independent DirectorMBA degree from IIM Ahmedabad.
5.Mr Biswamohan MahapatraIndependent Director

Master’s degree of Science in Management from Arthur D. Little Management Education Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America


Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Delhi.


6.Mr Ashok KiniIndependent Director

Master’s degree in English literature from Madras Christian College, Chennai.


7.Dr Ashima GoyalIndependent Director

MPhil, MA and BA in Economics from the University of Delhi


PhD in Economics from the University of Mumbai.


8.Mr Shiva KumarIndependent DirectorBachelor of Arts degree from Patna University

Geographical Presence of Edelweiss Financial Services

Edelweiss Financial Services Limited (EFSL) has a strong presence in PAN India, with 233 offices serving over 5 million clients. In addition EFSL also has international presence in places like New York, Mauritius, Dubai, Hongkong, London etc.

Loans offered by Edelweiss Financial Services

SME Loan: Offers loans to SME Enterprises from 3 lakh to 25 crore, with an Loan to Value (LTV) of up to 125%. Their products details are mentioned below:

  • Unsecured Business Loan: To meet immediate requirements they offer loan amount from 3 lakh to 50 lakh, with a tenure of up to 4 years
  • Equipment Loan: Offer machinery loan to upgrade, improve or replace equipment meant for manufacturing. The loan amount ranges from 5 lakh to 2.5 crore with a tenure of up to 5 years
  • Secured Loan: Offer loan against property for purchase of new property for a loan amount of up to 25 crore with a tenure of up to 15 years and an LTV up to 125%

Loan Against Property: The company mortgages your property for you to raise finance of up to 120% of market value of the asset and a loan amount of up to 25 crore with tenure of up to 15 years.

Edelweiss Credit Rating of past 3 years

Domestic Credit Rating for past 3 years by:

Rating AgencyType of InstrumentFinancial Year 2021Financial Year 2022Financial Year 2023
CRISILNon-convertible Debenture-AA-/NEGATIVEAA-/NEGATIVE
CARENon-convertible DebentureA+/STABLEA+/STABLEA+/NEGATIVE
ICRANon-convertible Debenture-A+/NEGATIVEA+/STABLE

Brief financials for the last 3 years (Consolidated)

(₹ in Cr)

S.No.ParticularFinancial Year 2021Financial Year 2022Financial Year 2023
1Profit after tax 254212406
2Net worth7,2207,2207,484
3AUM 16,99211,962
4Total Borrowing 28,43622,71121,736
5Gross Non-performing Asset (GNPA)6.71%2.51%2.01%
6Net Non-Performing Asset (NNPA)5.84%1.80%1.36%
7Leverage Ratio (Debt/Equity)3.943.152.90

Advantages of Edelweiss Financial Services Limited

  1. Adequate capitalisation with multiple capital raises
  2. Diversified businesses across various financial services
  3. Comfortable asset quality with GNPAs at 2.01% and NNPA at 1.36% as of March 2023
  4. Reduction of exposure to real estate financing

Disadvantages of Edelweiss Financial Services Limited

Low profitability at the consolidated level
Inconsistent trend in income at the consolidated level
Exposure to real estate (risky asset class) in the wholesale loan book
Rating downgrades by CARE in the last 3 years


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