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senior secured bonds

treasure tree investments limited

TTIL 15.71 30122025

ISIN - INE0D7Q07658
Allotment Date
Business Sector
Coupon Rate
15.71 %
Credit Rating
Face Value
₹ 1,000
Instrument Type
Interest Repayment
On Maturity
Issue Size
₹ 0
Issuer Nature
Issuer Ownership
Redemption Date
Time left for Maturity
2 years 6 months
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FAQs on Treasure Tree Investments Limited

What is the coupon rate on Treasure Tree Investments Limited Bond?

The bond's coupon rate is 15.71 %

How frequently is the interest paid on Treasure Tree Investments Limited Bond?

What is the ISIN number of the Treasure Tree Investments Limited Bond?

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