Why are Highways Important for the Economy?

Why Highways?

Highways connect cost-effective production hubs to profitable markets, fostering efficient trade routes and benefiting economies.

The World Bank View

Even a 1% rise in logistics cost can lead to a 4.5% reduction in goods transported.

How Highways are Developing India?

When highways are built, stores and factories pop up nearby. They use inexpensive materials and hire people, boosting the local economy.

Rural India Shining

Highways benefit rural India, connect farmers & businesses to urban markets, expands job opportunities, increase income, & improve access to education.

Seaport Connection Boosts Efficiency

India depends on seaports for 70% of its global cargo transport. Highways connect inland warehouses to distant seaports efficiently, minimising expenses.

Vitality of Connectivity

NH 48 links Delhi to Chennai through Mumbai, while SH 49A connects Chennai to Ennore Port. This vital seaport-highway link aids exports to global markets.

Ease of Access to  Rural India

Delhi-Mumbai expressway not only connects these two cities but also links the places it passes through. This ease of access attracts businesses to those places.

The Golden Chance

Golden Quadrilateral project: From the time construction began, districts along this highway saw a 50% surge in output over the following decade.

The Multiplier Effect

NH-8 in Gujarat led to a 40% increase in village school enrollment, highlighting highways' multi-fold impact and igniting economic growth.

The History Created

In the last 8 years, India added 50,000 kilometres of national highway, nearly double to what it did in the eight years before.

The Upcoming Project

Only 2% of India’s road network is NHs, but carry 40% of the inland cargo. Therefore, through projects like Bharatmala, the government wants to improve our road network.


If infrastructure were a central government department, it would have the third-biggest budget after the finance and defence ministries.