Flood Insurance Policies: Safeguard Your Investments

Considering the floods in North India in the past few months, Flood Insurance should come in handy to avoid losses caused by floods.

Why Flood Insurance?

Flood Affecting  Vehicles

Flood-damaged vehicles can lead to engine failure, damage to electrical systems, rust and odour, and can also lead to malfunction of the gearbox.

How Does Flood Insurance Help?

Flood insurance offers funding for flood-damaged property without draining your savings or relying on delayed assistance from the government.

Cases to Consider

The parked car gets drowned, & while starting it, the engine gets the hydrostatic lock. Water damages the engine, & is not covered by insurance.

What To Do?

Inform your insurance company & get it towed to  a service centre or garage.

Point to Note

When buying car insurance, take a comprehensive plan with the relevant add-ons.