New UPI Features  to Target 100 Bn. Transactions Monthly

Hello UPI

With 'Hello UPI’, you can make UPI payments through apps & telecom calls in Hindi & English by chatting. Hello UPI will soon be available in other regional languages.

Credit Line on UPI

You can now do UPI payments on credit. This means you can connect your UPI apps to pre-approved bank credit lines for payments.

Boost The Total Transaction Value

Financial institutions can now offer credit to a range of customers. Paytm, Google Pay and HDFC PayZapp will first introduce the service.

UPI Card

UPI cards will have near-field communication (NFC) chips, which will be linked to the user's unique QR code & UPI ID.


How to Get The UPI Card?

Go to the nearest partner bank. Find a contactless UPI card-generating kiosk. Select the card design and scan the QR code.




How to Get The UPI Card?

UPI ID gets verified and linked to a card. The card is generated & can be stuck to mobile phones for tap-based payments.




UPI Lite X

You can now make & receive payments whilst being offline. This will help many users in poor connectivity areas, like underground stations, remote areas, etc.

How will UPI Lite X Work?

UPI Lite X will use NFC. The settlement will happen when the sender or the receiver’s phone connects to a network.

Impact of New  Features

UPI lite X and Hello UPI will increase the regional scope  & bring more devices to the network.

A Step Forward for Digital India

UPI is at the forefront of India’s digital revolution. These new features will expand the digital payments scope, making it more inclusive and accessible.