How to Invest If You Have Rs 1 Lakh Per Month Salary

How to Achieve Your Crorepati Dream?

Diversification is the key. In the present times, it is essential to mitigate the risks and invest in assets accordingly.

This rule of budgeting helps by recommending keeping 50% as needs, 30% as wants & 20% as savings and investments.

50-30-20 Rule is the Mantra

Grow Wealth Through Investment

Allocate a part of your income to invest instead of splurging on gadgets and luxuries. Aim for long-term growth to build your capital wisely.

Divide the 20% in Equity & Debt Investments

Invest in Fixed Deposits, SIPs, Stocks & Index Funds to grow your portfolio considerably.

The investment avenues include: SIP & Mutual Funds Stocks FDs Gold Health & Term Insurance Bonds

Various Investment  Options

Insurance is Important

Health and term insurance provides additional security against emergencies and unforeseen events.

While investing, consider the risks, taxation, & liquidity of the asset & plan your investments accordingly.

What Should be the  Plan?

The Rule of Thumb

Plan your investments to meet your needs. Adopt a long-term strategy to ensure adequate income at retirement, taking into account individual needs for a secure financial future.