Steps to Build Wealth With ₹ 25,000 Monthly Salary

Believe in Wealth  Creation

You may think earning ₹ 25K is not enough to build wealth, but you can create it if you are financially disciplined.

This budgeting rule suggests keeping 50% as needs, 30% as wants and 20% as savings and investments. 

Follow the 50-30-20  Rule

50-30-20% of Your  Salary

So if your monthly salary is ₹ 25,000, your needs and wants budget will be ₹ 12,500 & ₹ 7500, respectively, & your investments should be ₹ 5000 monthly. 

Stick to the 50-30 20  Rule

The financial discipline you must follow is to stay within your needs and wants budget and not reduce your savings.

Cutting on needs is very difficult, so if your needs increase for a particular month, compromise on your wants.

Compromise Your Wants If You Have to

Divide the 20% in Equity & Debt Investments

Diversification is key. Invest in FDs, SIPs and Index Funds to grow your portfolio without spending too much time on it. More about them in the next slides. 

FDs give secured returns at a pre-determined rate, so there is no question of losing the money.

Fixed Deposits

Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs)

You can invest in different fund types with as low as ₹ 500 in funds created by professional fund managers and benefit from market growth. 

Index Funds

They have broad market exposure and professional management, require minimal research let you invest passively for long-term wealth building.

What Should be Your Prime Focus?

It should be to upskill yourself for an additional income, better opportunities, & a higher salary, hence building wealth.