How to Build a Retirement Corpus?

Why Plan Your Retirement? 

Post retirement, the absence of regular income necessitates a well-structured financial plan to sustain a fulfilling lifestyle, pursue hobbies, and achieve personal goals.

The Need to Plan Retirement

To bear your everyday expenses. To remain prepared for emergencies. Beat inflation. To achieve your retirement goals.

Steps to Retirement Planning

Please refer to the image for the steps.

Determine Your Retirement Age

The ideal retirement age is usually 60, but some opt for voluntary retirement early. Determining your retirement age helps in preparing for  this significant life transition.

Start Early

Early investing comes with benefits, & planning early will also lessen your burden. As you grow older, saving will not seem like an extra headache.

Evaluate Your Retirement Fund 

Determine retirement savings by assessing current expenses, excluding future costs such as loans-factor for inflation to accurately estimate a smooth retirement lifestyle.

Assess the Future Value of Your Investments

Calculate the future value of your investments by checking your rate of return on investments

Reconsider Your  Expenses

Differentiating your needs and wants should be the first step towards planning your expenses.

Build an Ideal Asset Allocation Portfolio

Diversify and reallocate your investment depending on your financial goals & risk appetites to generate an optimum return. 

Asset Allocation

If started early, your portfolio can be more inclined towards equity investments. However, at a later age, 60% of your portfolio should have more risk-free debt instruments.

Keep Your Portfolio  in Check

Building a plan and investing is not enough. Keep track and make changes whenever and wherever necessary.

The Final Word

Always consider the returns & your risk appetite before choosing the investment avenues for your retirement planning.