How to Buy Gold Digitally?

Digital Gold

Due to storage and security risks of physical gold, digital gold is becoming popular. You can buy it from the open market and hold it virtually. There is no lock-in period for holding digital gold.  

Sovereign Gold Bonds

SGBs are a substitute for physical gold denominated in grams with a basic unit of 1 gm. The maturity period for SGB is 8 years.

How is SGB Price Determined?

The face value of the bond is fixed by calculating a simple average of the closing price of gold (999 purity) published by IBJA for the last 3 business days of the week preceding the subscription period. 

How to Invest in SGB?

You can invest in SGB via banks, post offices, SHCIL & the stock exchanges. The subscription application is also available on the RBI’s website.

Gold ETFs

A Gold ETF is a unique cross between a stock & a mutual fund that capitalises on market opportunities in real time.

How to Invest in Gold ETFs?

You can purchase Gold ETFs through your Demat account. A percentage will go towards brokerage charges. Once the transaction is completed, it will be visible in your holding statement.

What to Keep in Mind Before Buying Gold  ETFs

Remember not to invest over 20% of your portfolio in Gold ETFs. Also, have a well-planned overall investment strategy before investing.

Gold BeEs

Gold BeES are ETFs that reflect the price movements of the physical gold. The minimum investment in gold BeES is approximately 0.01 gms of physical gold.

Digital vs Physical Gold

If you want to buy gold for investment, storing it in paper or electronic format is better as it avoids storage costs and security risks.