What are Gold BeES  & How to Buy Them?

What is Gold BeES?

Gold BeES are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), whose aim is to reflect all the price movements of the physical gold.

Value of Gold BeES

A single unit is equal to 0.01 gm of gold in dematerialised or paper form & is backed by  the physical gold bullions of 99.5% purity.

Minimum Investment

The minimum investment in gold BeES is the cash amount approximately equal to 0.01 gm of physical gold.

Factors Affecting Gold BeES’s Value

The value of Gold BeES can fluctuate based on market conditions like geopolitical events, interest rates, the value of the dollar, etc.

Where can You Buy Gold BeES?

You can invest in the Gold BeES through your broker via demat account.

How to Invest?

To invest in Gold BeES, log in to your demat account & search for the ETFs you want to invest in.

How to Place a Gold BeEs Order?

You can place a market or a limit order and enter the amount at which you want to invest Gold BeES.


Once the order is executed, you can check it under your holding section in your demat account.

How to Sell?

You can place a limit sell order from your demat account, & if a buyer is available, the order will be executed.

Gold BeES Liquidity 

Gold ETFs are easier to buy & sell than physical gold, but less liquid than any other financial assets like stocks  & bonds.


Gold BeES attracts buying and selling costs, has an expense ratio, and there are no tax-benefits.

Different Gold BeES Available in India

Invesco India Gold ETF, Nippon India ETF Gold BeES, and Kotak Gold ETF are some of the best Gold ETFs in India.