Top 6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Gold This Dhanteras

Golden Moments Await

Festive season awaits auspicious days for gold deals. It's not just a financial decision but an emotional one, too.

How to Invest in Gold?

You can invest in gold both physically & digitally. Coins, Jewellery, SGBs, digital gold, etc. are some options.

Factors to Consider Before Investing

Whether you are buying gold physically or digitally, both have advantages & disadvantages. Tap to know more!

Budget & Purpose

Avoid impulsive buying and overspending. Always set a budget before buying gold & define a reason, whether for gifting, personal use, or investing.

Purity Check

Gold purity is measured in Karats. 24K is the purest, but jewellery is usually sold in 22K or 18K. Always check BIS Hallmark before buying.

Market Price

Gold Price fluctuates daily depending on Global Market Conditions. Check the price before buying and invest accordingly.


Consider Taxation before buying gold. For example, SGB does not carry any Capital Gains Tax if redeemed on maturity; however, some gold investments have GST implications.

Storage & Safety

Prioritize safety. Secure physical gold with a bank locker. There are no storage worries with digital gold; it's in paper or demat form.

Billing & Receipts

Get detailed bills for gold. Crucial for selling or loans. Ask for invoices with purity, weight, making charges, & total cost.