Silver rate in Kurnool
silver rate in kurnool


Last updated on: 3th Feb 2023 10:00 AM

Kurnool is a well-known historical site with beautiful surroundings. It is known as The City of Gem Stones. Also, it is called The Gateway of Rayalaseema. Kurnool is an important historical site in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is well known for the production of Turmeric, and it is called the Turmeric City.

Silver rates as per grams in Kurnool

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Understanding the Demand for Silver In Kurnool

In Kurnool, you can find the beauty of nature and history in the same place. That's why Kurnool is called a premier tourism destination. It is also an industrial hub. There are a lot of industries situated in the Kurnool district. The main reason behind the Kurnool district having so many industries is Kanappa. Kanappa is the mineral found in Kurnool.

The Rayalaseema Region has solar power and thermal plants. Also, it is well known for mineral sources like iron ore, silica, limestone, quartz, and dolomite. Notably, Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading states in India when it comes to silver trading. The state produces a large amount of silver, which is then traded for other goods and materials. This silver trading is responsible for a lot of the state's revenue. Kurnool is also a popular place for gold jewellery.

In Kurnool, silver is widely used in gemstone jewellery. Even though it's a tourist place, gemstone jewellery is the centre of attraction.

Silver is always in demand in Kurnool, making it a highly liquid asset. The metal has high demand in:

  • Solar plants
  • Thermal plants
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Household objects
  • Silver coins
  • Everyday gadgets
  • RIFD Chips in shipments, nuclear reactors
  • Batteries

Historical silver rates in Kurnool in last 10 days

1 gram
Day Silver
04 Feb 2023
0.00 (0.00%)
03 Feb 2023
0.00 (0.00%)
02 Feb 2023
2.50 (3.35%)
01 Feb 2023
0.30 (0.41%)
31 Jan 2023
0.30 (0.41%)
30 Jan 2023
0.00 (0.00%)
29 Jan 2023
0.00 (0.00%)
28 Jan 2023
-0.40 (-0.53%)
27 Jan 2023
-0.40 (-0.53%)
26 Jan 2023
1.00 (1.36%)

Some Interesting Facts on Kurnool Silver Rates vs Other

Kurnool is a tourist place. You can buy gemstones from here, increasing the demand for silver and the metal's price. In this scenario, the import of silver metal is required in Kurnool.

The following section contains some interesting information about Kurnool silver rates:

  • Electronic components like wires, switches, and circuit boards require silver.
  • The performance of silver was the worst in 2022.
  • The ancient Egyptians considered silver to be more valuable than gold.
  • Silver is abundant in Mexico, Peru, the US, Canada, Russia, and Australia.
  • Because of silver’s peculiar shine, it is used in fashion jewellery.
  • The atomic symbol of silver (Ag) is derived from a Latin and Greek word that means 'shiny'.

Weekly & monthly silver rate in Kurnool
1 gram

7 Days
30 Days
3 Months
6 Months

Comparative Analysis of Gold vs Silver in Kurnool

The people of Kurnool are desperate to invest in gold and silver as commodities or as an investment.

Like any other individual, here also people love to buy coins, bars, jewellery,

Comparative analysis of Gold vs Silver in Kurnool are below:

Silver Investments:

  • High demand for industrial usage in Kurnool
  • Riskier
  • More volatile
  • More storage and transport cost
  • High supply, less price
  • Moderate recession hedge
  • Widely used in heavy industry and high technology
  • Moderate long-term interest rates
  • Fewer investment options
  • Less powerful diversifier
  • Less liquid

Gold Investments:

  • High demand for jewellery in Kurnool
  • Less risky
  • Less volatile
  • Less storage and transport cost
  • Small supply, high price
  • Better recession hedge
  • More usage in ornaments and online investment options
  • Better long-term interest rates
  • More investment options like Gold ETFs, Gold Mutual funds,
  • Sovereign Gold bonds
  • More powerful diversifier
  • More liquid

Trend of Silver rates in Kurnool

1 gram
Day Silver
01 February 202374.8
05 February 20230

Paper Silver vs Physical Silver

In Kurnool, the physical form of silver is majorly used. Here, people invest in silver ETFs and silver bars, but for industrial purposes, technology, jewellery, etc., physical form is used.

Paper silver and physical silver can be distinguished by a few parameters listed below.

Paper Silver:

  • No storage cost
  • Traded in unlimited quantity
  • Usage for investment purposes
  • Not a real tangible asset
  • No ownership of real silver
  • Market is 243 times larger
  • Has credit risk
  • No industrial demand

Physical Silver:

  • High storage cost
  • Lesser quantity
  • Used in solar panels, investments, heavy industry, high technology, gemstone jewellery
  • Real tangible asset
  • Provides ownership
  • Minimal market
  • No credit risk
  • Industrial demand in electrical, photography, religious objects, jewellery, and batteries.

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