What is Sanchar Saathi Portal?

Sanchar Saathi Portal

The Sanchar Saathi portal, an initiative of the Department of Telecom, empowers mobile subscribers, enhances security, & promotes government’s citizen-centric initiatives.

Facilities Provided

Know the mobile connections issued in your name. Disconnect the connections not required. Block/trace lost mobile phones. Check the genuineness of devices.

Modules on Sanchar Saathi Portal

There are various modules available on the portal, which include CEIR, TAFCOP, etc.

CEIR: Block Your Lost/Stolen Devices

Track lost/stolen mobile device, block them across telecom networks, & generate traceability. You can unblock found devices on the portal for everyday use.

TAFCOP: Know Your Mobile Connections

The TAFCOP module allows mobile subscribers to verify the number of connections in their name and report unwanted or unauthorised connections.

How to Use the Portal?

To find and report fraud numbers registered under your name, Visit the Website: https://bit.ly/sancharsaathi-gov 


How to Use the Portal?

Log into the portal using your mobile number, captcha, & OTP. Select the fraud number, if any and click on 'Not My Number' and Report.

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How will it Benefit  You?

These measures by the government will make sure that these spam calls reduce and ensure safety from fraudsters.