What is RBI UDGAM Portal?

What is UDGAM Portal?

India has ₹35,000 Cr as unclaimed bank deposits. So the RBI has launched its UDGAM portal to claim your unclaimed deposits.

What Are Unclaimed Deposits?

Its the balance of a current or saving account inactive for 10 yrs, or FDs unclaimed for 10 years after maturity.

Depositor Education & Awareness Fund

By March 2023, public and private banks had moved crores of unclaimed deposits to the DEAF. You can still claim this money.

How Does UDGAM Portal Help?

UDGAM portal improves the banking by helping people find money that they forgot about in different banks.

How To Access UDGAM?

Log on to udgam.rbi.org.in. Enter registered mobile no. & password, click “Login.” Enter the received code.

Banks Listed in UDGAM Portal

The current list of banks include: SBI, PNB, CBI, Dhanlaxmi Bank, South Indian Bank, & DBS Bank India. More will be added.


This portal will help people to find information about their forgotten deposits & claim the money they didn't knew they had.

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