Steps to Build Wealth With ₹ 50,000 Monthly Salary

Follow the 50-30-20  Rule

This budgeting rule suggests keeping 50% as needs, 30% as wants and 20% as savings and investments.

So if your monthly salary is ₹ 50k, your needs & wants budget will be ₹ 25k & ₹ 15k, respectively, & your investments should be ₹ 10k monthly.

So What’s 50-30-20 % of Your Salary?

Stick to the 50-30 20  Rule

The financial discipline you must follow is to stay within your needs & wants budget and not reduce your savings.

Compromise Your Wants if You Have To

Cutting on needs is very difficult, so if your needs increase for a particular month, compromise on your wants.

Safety Bucket - Prioritize emergencies! Invest 30% monthly in a liquid fund. Build a 6-month safety net, then shift savings to long-term goals.

How do You Invest the ₹10000?


How do You Invest the ₹10000?

Short-term Bucket - This is for your 5-year goals. For this, you can invest 30% in either debt funds, bonds, or FDs per your risk appetite.


Long-term Bucket - This is for your long-term goals. Invest 10% in equity SIPs. Choose 3-5 diversified active funds or divide among passive funds like Nifty 50/Midcap 150.

How do You Invest the ₹10000?


Increase your SIP and mutual fund investment once your income increases. Try to reduce your wants and increase your investments whenever possible.

What Should be Your Prime Focus?