What is Muhurat Trading?

The History

Muhurat trading is a one-hour Diwali tradition, started in 1950s at the BSE to unite traders and investors on an auspicious note, later adopted by the NSE as well.

Rules for Muhurat  Trading

The rules of Muhurat trading are same as regular trading. Trading in equities, derivatives, and currency derivatives takes place. Commodity trading is not allowed.

Who Can Participate?

All individuals with a trading account with any of the registered brokers can participate in Muhurat Trading.

Time of Muhurat  Trading 

The trading session is 1 hour and is conducted on Diwali Evening.

When Will Muhurat Trading Happen in  2023?

Muhurat trading this year will take place from 6:15 PM to 7:15 PM on Sunday, 12th November 2023.

Muhurat Trading  Timings

Pre-Open Session: 6:00PM–6:08 PM. Muhurat Trading: 6:15PM–7:15 PM. Post-Close Session: 7:30PM–7:38 PM. Market Close: 7:40 PM.