India's Medical Tourism Surged From 2.7% to 20% in The Last Decade

Medical Tourism is an Old Phenomenon in India

Medical tourism dates back to ancient times when tourists worldwide came to India for medical treatments.

So Why did Medical Tourism Drop Until The Last Decade?

This trend gradually faded due to a lack of investment and infrastructure.

Why has it Started Booming Again?

1. Affordability

According to the American Medical Association, medical cost in India is relatively low compared to other countries.

2. Accreditations Guaranteeing Healthcare Quality

In India, NABH & NABL accreditations guarantee that hospitals & labs meet international standards. Currently, there are 800+ hospitals and 8,000+ labs which are NABL-accredited.

3. AYUSH - Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, & Homeopathy

India is the world leader in Ayurveda and other alternative healthcare approaches. These practices' low cost and effectiveness have drawn many foreign patients.

E-Medical Visas

These visas allow patients to enter India multiple times and extend their stay. The process is simple and gets processed within 72 hours.

Easy Credit for the Hospitality Sector

Medicare requires regular upgrades of machines. With easy credit, hospitals can purchase those sophisticated machines without much financial burden.

Effective Marketing

The Incredible India campaign changed the perception of India. Previously, India was considered as a poor economy with no infrastructure. Now, it is the polar opposite.

Government’s Future Plans

The government has also proposed an outlay of $ 28.7 billion for healthcare, which is 137% higher than the previous year's budget.

Towards Reclaiming The Ancient Role of The Best Healer

The aim is to make India the No.1 destination for medical tourism.