How to Find Unclaimed Dividends?

What are Unclaimed Dividends?

The dividend which is being paid by the company but the shareholder has not yet taken the dividend or claimed the dividend.

Why do We "Claim" Dividends?

Decades ago, when shares were traded in physical format, the investors had to claim dividends manually & were not automatically credited to their bank accounts directly.

IEPF Authority

IEPFA Authority manages the Investor Education Protection Fund (IEPF), refund unclaimed assets, facilitates investor awareness, & safeguards investor interests.

Steps to Claim the Unclaimed Funds

Visit the IEPF website: On the left side, under Quick Links, click on Search Unclaimed/Unpaid Amount.

The Next Steps

Enter your Name, Folio Number, Depository & Client ID.

The Details

Once you enter the details and click on Search, the details will be displayed to you.

How to Claim?

The claiming process is lengthy right now. Connect to respective company’s Registrar & complete the formalities. However,  in the budget, it was said that the process would become much easier.

How can You Benefit?

If you have shares under your parents and grandparents' names & they have forgotten about it, log in to this portal and claim the amount.

How to Claim?

Download Form 5 INV. Fill out the form according to the instructions. Upload the filled form on the IEPF portal.

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How to Claim?

Upload the form on the MCA21 portal, & provide the investor-wise details of unclaimed and unpaid amounts in an Excel file. Download the Excel template from the IEPF Portal.

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How to Claim?

Fill in the template with investor-wise detail. Upload the file with investor-wise details of unclaimed and unpaid amounts. Confirm upload of unclaimed and unpaid amount details.

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