How to Check PPF Account Statement?

Public Provident  Fund

PPF is a government-backed saving and tax-efficient investment scheme offering guaranteed returns.

Benefits of PPF

PPF offers triple exempt (EEE) tax status: contributions, interest, & withdrawals are tax-free.

Features of PPF

The lock-in period is 15 years, and the interest rate is 7.1%. You can also avail a loan against PPF.

How to Invest?

You can open a PPF account with a nationalised bank or post office start investing in cash or a cheque.

PPF Account Balance Importance

As the PPF Scheme is a long-term investment, it is essential to keep track of it regularly.

How to Check?  Step 1:

Link your PPF account with your savings or current bank account.

Step 2:

Activate internet and mobile banking facility for your bank account.

Step 3:

Login to your internet or mobile banking.

Step 4:

Check your PPF account status and request an account statement online.

The Add-on Feature

You can also make fund transfers, auto-debit setups, and loan requests in your PPF account via online banking.