You Can Now Extend SCSS Investment Indefinitely

Previous SCSS  Investment Rule

SCSS has a fixed 5-year tenure. Earlier investors could increase the tenure to an additional 3 years only once.

They'd had to open a new account to stay invested in SCSS after 3 years.

What Happens After 3 Years?

SCSS is Now Endlessly Extendable in 3-Year Blocks.

The new rule allows investors to extend their SCSS investment indefinitely in 3-year blocks.

What do You Need to Take Note of?

Once you lock in the rate on opening or extending, it stays fixed for the full period, five or three years.

SCSS currently gives 8.2% interest, so if you invest or extend now, your investment will be locked at this rate for the selected tenure.

Current SCSS Rate 

Benefits of Investing in SCSS

Higher interest compared to PPF and savings accounts. Risk-free fixed returns guarantee a steady income stream. Security of capital.

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The account automatically transfers to the second account holder in the event of the death of the first holder.

Benefits of Investing in SCSS

Benefits of Investing in SCSS

The nominee or legal heir can redeem the amount without a second holder.

Benefits of Investing in SCSS

There are tax benefits on both deposit and interest income.

Final Word

SCSS is an excellent investment option for senior citizens looking for good interest income, the safety of principal, & liquidity.