Birth Certificates are Now a Single Document For Various Services

Birth Certificates can be Used for

Admission to an educational institution. Getting a driving license, aadhaar and passport. Appointment to a govt. job. Preparing voter list.

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Who Does it Apply to?

According to the Registration of Births & Deaths (Amendment) Act, 2023, this rule applies to people born on or after 1st Oct 2023.

What Else Does The Act Mention?

Medical institutions must give the registrar the death certificate & a copy to the nearest relative. For birth registration, the parents' aadhaar numbers will be required.

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What Else Does The Act Mention?

The registration process of orphans, adopted, surrogated children & children with single-parent or unwed mothers will be facilitated.


Impact of This Amendment

This is a great law amendment law to bring uniformity in the documents for future generations.