Best Post Office Schemes for Women

Why Post Office Schemes for Women?

While various investment schemes are available, a few popular Post office schemes which focuses exclusively on women’s growth.


For women living in remote areas where no bank facilities are available, the Post office schemes have something for everyone.

Best Post Office Schemes For Women

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Post Office Savings Account Mahila Samman Certificate Post Office Time Deposit Account Public Provident Fund National Savings Certificate

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

Interest Rate: 7-10% p.a. Lock-in: After the girl attains 21 years or 18 years in case of marriage. Features: Exclusively for girl child.

Post Office Savings Account

Interest Rate: 4-6% p.a. Lock-in: No lock-in Features: You can open this account for INR 500 only.

Mahila Samman Certificate

Interest Rate: 7.5% p.a. (compounded quarterly) Lock-in: 2 years Features: Redeem up to 40% of your investment amount after 1 yr of investment without penalty.

Post Office Time Deposit Account

Interest Rate: 6.9%-7.5% p.a. Lock-in: 1,2,3 & 5 years Features: Tax deduction under section 80C.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Interest Rate: 7.1% p.a. Lock-in: 15 years Features: Tax deduction up to INR 1.5 Lakhs under section 80C.

National Savings Certificate (NSC)

Interest Rate: 6.6%-7.70% p.a. Lock-in: 5 years Features: Fixed-income low-risk investment.

The Impact

Post office schemes are empowering women to grow their investments risk-free & become financially independent.