3 Ways to Submit Rs. 2000 Notes in 2024, if You Haven't Already

Rs 2000 Note Exchange at RBI

According to the RBI, most notes have been returned to the banks. For the remaining, the new guidelines are issued.

Note Exchange  Deadline

Initially, the last date to submit Rs. 2000 notes was September 30, 2023, which was extended to October 7, 2023.

Exchange with RBI

The notes continue to be recognised as legal tender; for those who still hold the same, here are the available options for submission.

Direct Deposit at the  RBI

Individuals can visit any of the 19 offices of RBI across India to submit or exchange their Rs. 2000 notes.

For convenience, Rs. 2000 notes can be sent from any post office to the RBI Issue Office for credit to the bank account via India Post.

Mailing Through India  Post

Bank Account Credit

Starting Oct 8, 2023, individuals can have the equivalent sum credited to their bank accounts at the RBI offices in place of direct exchange.