Finance can often be tricky. And financial jargons, even more complicated! At Wint, we aspire to make investing not just a hassle free experience, but also help you in your financial journey from becoming a newbie investor, to a bond (not James) junkie. And so, Welcome to Wintopedia! A platform that will help you learn, understand and analyze the workings of the Indian bond market.

How should I assess each Wint Wealth asset?

Even if you are a seasoned investor, it is your ‘investment duty’ to make sure you assess the asset you are investing in. At Wint, we believe in keeping things transparent and therefore we provide all the significant information that you would need to know, in order to vett your investment. 

You can find all the important information in the ‘Asset Detail’ section on the website. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to navigate to this section. 

Step 1 

Once you’re at the Wint Wealth Homepage, click on ‘Assets’


Step 2 

You will reach the ‘Assets’ page. Here, click on the asset you want to know more about. Example, Wint Wheel or Wint Gold

Step 3 

You will see dropdowns to all the assets structures. Click on each to know more about the asset and its features. You can also calculate your returns by using the calculator at the side